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"Although there are many chiropractors, there are very few that I would trust to work on me, and there are only a handful that I would trust to care for my family. Dr. Petty is in that select group. His professionalism and skill is extraordinary, but his primary characteristic that truly sets him apart is that Doug deeply cares about people. He is genuinely interested in his patients' lives in addition to being deeply concerned with their health."

- Stephen Rew - a patient of 10 years


"For over a year I had lower back pain that progressively became more painful despite treatment from physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists and other Chiropractors. My active lifestyle was impaired, sleep was sporadic and I couldn't get up/down stairs due to sharp pain radiating down the back of my legs.

Dr. Petty took a complete profile of my situation...there were no shortcuts or "quick fixes". Treatments were thorough and effective.

Having tried a number of healthcare resources I was skeptical that I could find relief from my back pain. The fact that I can now work without pain, sleep through the night and not have pain in simple day-to-day activities has thrilled me (and my family)!"

- Maureen Sullivan - a patient of 5 years


"I have been receiving Chiropractic care for 20 years. Although nearly all the Chiropractors I have seen are very concerned with my welfare, Dr. Petty stands out above all others in his actions to meet my specific needs. The staff all seek to help me feel comfortable and relaxed about my Chiropractic care.

Dr. Petty has greatly exceeded my expectations. I feel very fortunate to have talented and very human care located so close to home.

No more chronic back pain! It's amazing, as I get older my body works better."

- Chuck Baltzer of 6 years


"My work has me standing and sitting a lot so my whole body gets out of whack and I was experiencing severe lower back pain and problems with my ribs.

Dr. Doug always makes my body feel great. He seems to know exactly what to do! Not only for me, but for my husband and kids too.

I hardly ever have pain now!"

- Terra LaPenna - a patient of 3 years


"I would not have chosen Chiropractic care had a trusted friend not recommended Dr. Doug. The care is always wonderful - great folks doing great work. i.e. massage, acupuncture (great services to have right here).

Dr. Doug has always been very thorough and listens to my individual needs. He always seems to make me feel better."

- Rebecca Griswold - a patient of 7 years


"...I developed terrible pain in my low back running down both legs. I had an MRI and saw a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon wanted to inject my spine with a pain relieving medicine. I did not like this option. Dr. Petty consulted with my family doctor and with Joel, one of the massage therapists/acupuncturist in his office. Dr. Petty developed a treatment plan and I am now pretty much pain free in my lower back.

I want to thank everyone in his office for their kindness and superb care and I am thankful to have them on my side."

- Amy Nixon of 8 years


"Dr. Doug was recommended by my ex-wife; my shoulder would not heal by itself and I did not want an operation.

I've had great care with Dr. Doug. His experience and personal touch has made me forget about a pain that previously would not go away. My shoulder has healed! Dr. Doug's touch always leaves me with a smile on my face and I never smile when I see a doctor - except Dr. Doug!

- Daniel Howatt - a patient of 6 months


"Sometimes after flying for the National Guard, I would return to Colorado and not be able to move my neck because of the stress that I had placed on it. Doug would adjust my neck and back, and I would regain the mobility that I had lost.

I have known Dr. Doug for over 15 years. He's not just a great Chiropractor, but I also consider him a great friend. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to Dr. Doug. Invariably my referrals have benefited greatly from Dr. Doug's care."

- Eric Smith - a patient of almost 15 years


"My ex-husband used to tease me that I "couldn't run". The truth was my lower back was in such constant pain that I could barely walk!

I had been receiving care from several different Chiropractors before moving to Colorado, and none of them were able to resolve my lower back problems. I thought I would just have to learn to live with it. Then in 1993 I moved to Colorado and found Doug & Marjie's ad in the paper and liked their smiling faces! Within just a couple of months, Dr. Doug had resolved all my lower back problems! A few years later I was able to participate in the annual Freedom Run and Evergreen Town Race! Look who's running now!

That was almost 12 years ago and I've continued to see Dr. Doug and the staff for Chiropractic care and massage therapy. Recently I've developed some problems with my neck due to degeneration and arthritis. Dr. Doug has gone the extra mile to apply new techniques to help me alleviate the pain, regain mobility, range of motion and restoration of the natural curve."

- Chris Coyle - a patient of 12 years


"Everything about this clinic is wonderful! The staff and the treatments are always very beneficial and everyone on the staff is always positive and very caring toward patients.

I have much better mobility and comfort after every treatment and often sleep much better."

- Stephanie Rew - a patient of 4 years

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